Thursday, May 13, 2010

Dumpster Diving... sort of

Although I'm inspired by true dumpster divers, and think that it makes a lot of sense, I'm mostly too scared to do it. Maybe one day...

But last weekend, our neighbors' trash heap taught me that patience is, indeed, a virtue.

I've been wanting chairs for our back porch. This may be the ultimate example of the category of stuff that I decide I HAVE to have, but decidedly do NOT need. I sweep the porch, put away the toys, weed the herb garden, and decide that the chairs that most people only take camping or to outdoor concerts but that we use every day are completely unacceptable. What yesterday seemed like a perfectly acceptable place to sit down today seems like an eye sore that no respectable person would actually use.
I have actually gone to several stores, looking for either vintage or new chairs. And I have resisted all of the chairs at places like Home Depot that, at that moment, I think would transform our backyard dramatically. I decided that I wanted the adirondack chairs that aren't actually all that comfortable, but are relatively affordable and secure a spot in the DIY makeover page of my imaginings. I have nearly loaded them into my car on 2 occasions, but then remembered this damned resolution and resisted.
And then...
I saw a perfectly good adirondack chair and table in our neighbor's trash.
Patience and thrift rewarded.